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CEFZ School

CEFZ School provides free education, full nutrition, and full medical care to some of Zanzibar’s neediest children

We are the founders of The Creative Education Foundation Zanzibar (CEFZ ) a charitable NGO established in 2011 in Zanzibar with the mission of overcoming poverty by offering access to free, quality education. full nutrition and medical care to some of Zanzibar’ neediest children.  CEFZ runs a Waldorf/Steiner Primary School and a standard Secondary School in Zanzibar, with a multi-pronged approach to combating multigenerational poverty and the aim to produce employable, community-conscious young adults who can give back in their turn. By staying with us you are supporting the initiatives of CEFZ.



Students are orphans or from disadvantaged families


Sponsored students

Supporting underprivileged children

CEFZ School improves educational opportunities for underprivileged children in Zanzibar by providing quality education without regard to race, ethnicity, or religious belief.

We can end the cycle together, one child at a time

In Zanzibar, the sad truth is that only a very small minority of children will finish school, and the majority will fail, with many facing hurdles such as poverty, poor health and becoming a cog in the wheel of family support. CEFZ School breaks the chains of poverty, creating a change for some of these children, and gives them a real chance of succeeding not only in school, but also as leaders in their community.

This is how we contribute

Our program

Creative education

Our Waldorf curriculum, developed by Rudolf Steiner fosters creativity and critical thinking and prepares children for a life that values family, community, nature, and the arts.

Nutrition program

Students receive all meals. Attendance now runs at over 95% due to improved health, and buy in from both families and students.

Nurturing environment

At CEFZ every child has the chance to flourish as they are guided in small groups by their local teacher, who is also being guided by their own mentor in the workplace.

Developing local teachers

At CEFZ we are committed to teacher training and development with our teachers attending the East African Rudolf Steiner Teacher Training Course part-time over 3 years, and receiving daily mentoring within the workplace

Experiential learning

Whenever we can, we have our students out and about learning – that may be out of the classroom, out of the school, or once they complete Grade 6, over to Mainland Tanzania

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